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Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we specialize in small business web design and development, offering unparalleled services to local businesses in the Alberta region. Our expert team crafts each website with care to ensure peak performance, leading to faster load times and higher SEO rankings.

This local focus enhances your site's visibility within the Alberta market and drives more customer engagement and revenue growth for businesses in our community.

Mobile-First Design:

Our approach begins with mobile devices, ensuring your site delivers an impeccable user experience on the tiniest screens.

This enhances user engagement and positively impacts your site's search engine rankings.

Fully Responsive:

We ensure your website adapts flawlessly to all devices - from mobile screens to tablets and desktops.

This responsiveness ensures that your clients enjoy a consistent and engaging experience, no matter how they access your site.

Optimized for Mobile:

An estimated 56.69% of internet traffic is on mobile devices. Which is why all of our websites include speed enhancements to ensure top performance.

Faster load times and a user-friendly interface significantly reduce bounce rates and increase user retention on your site.

Why Alchemized?

We're not here to waste your time or perform the old "disappearing developer" trick where we build your site without giving you the means to maintain it.

We think that's bullsh*t.

To solve this problem, we've created several managed website plans to ensure our companies' goals are always aligned. If you choose this option, we hope you'll consider us an extension of your team, always on hand to ensure your web presence is strong and consistent.

This continuous support and collaboration mean you can focus on growing your business while we handle your digital profile.

Innovative Plans

A fresh approach to  partnerships

Web Partner
Professionally managed website experience. Focus on scaling your business while we handle the rest.

*6-month commitment required
Custom Design: A unique website with 5 or more pages, exclusively designed to reflect your brand's essence.
Domain Purchase: We handle the acquisition of your perfect domain name if you don't already have one
Mobile-Friendly Design: Your website will be fully responsive and feature your company logo and essential business details.
Hosting Included: No extra costs – hosting fees are part of the monthly price.
Optimized for Google: Enjoy a lightning-fast page speed score of 90-100, boosting your search engine ranking.
Unlimited Edits: Want changes? Just say the word. Anytime, any change, we'll make it happen within a day.
Google Search Console Submission: Boost your website's search ranking with our expert submission process.
24/7 Customer Service: Need help? Our real, human support team is just a call or email away, around the clock.
Lifetime Updates & Maintenance: We keep your site fresh and fully functioning, always.
Google Business Profile Management: We optimize and set up your profile for maximum impact.
Optimized for Speed: Achieve a 100 Google page speed score for a significant boost in search rankings.
Logo and Graphic Design: We don’t just create, we elevate. Includes your company logo and other assets with 2 revisions, all free of charge.
Get Started
If you're not a fan of commitments, this plan offers a custom-built website with a one-time fee, delivering a unique, tailored web presence.
Starting at: $5000
Everything in the Web Partner plan, with some changes:
Hosting Provider Aid: Choose the best hosting options for your site. Alternatively, opt for our hosting services for an additional monthly fee.
60-Day Handoff and Maintenance Period: Enjoy a smooth transition with two months of dedicated support and maintenance post-launch.
Get Started

For a Shopify store, website migration, or something not mentioned here please contact us to book a consultation.


How does Alchemized quote a web design project?

Each web design project is distinct and necessitates a tailored quote. We base our quotes on the project's specifications, considering the time and resources needed to fulfill your design needs.

What information is needed for Alchemized to provide a web design quote?

We always have our clients fill out a brief questionnaire before we start a project. This ensures we thoroughly understand your vision and objectives before development begins.

What is the minimum project size for Alchemized's web design services?

If you'd prefer lump sum pricing instead of our managed plan, our fee will likely start at $5,000. Our focus is on providing quality designs, not discounted services.

How much does a custom enterprise project cost?

As a boutique agency, we don't have enough resources to support a full-scale enterprise website. However, if you require specialist service in a specific area, then we can help. If you're still unsure, feel free to reach out

Does Alchemized offer ongoing maintenance for our website after completion?

We provide flexible maintenance and hosting packages to keep your website updated and functioning smoothly post-launch.

Can Alchemized redesign our existing, poorly designed website?

Yes, we can audit your current website and offer suggestions for improvements. Each website is unique, so specific questions are welcome to determine the scope of a redesign.

Does Alchemized work with specific web design tools and technologies?

We use various tools like Figma, Webflow, Sketch, and more, selecting the most suitable ones based on your project's requirements. We aim to use the best tools to achieve your design goals.

Does Alchemized offer custom JavaScript development?

Yes, our team has software engineers with years of JavaScript experience.

Does Alchemized offer custom Backend development?

Yes, we’re a “Full-Stack” development agency with engineers that can create APIs, databases, web servers, etc.

Can our team manage the website after Alchemized has completed the design?

Certainly! We adhere to industry best practices, ensuring all our designs are user-friendly and manageable. We provide complete documentation to facilitate your team in taking over post-delivery.

Does Alchemized provide training on managing the new website?

Post-launch, Alchemized offers training for your team to manage and update the website effectively. We will conduct these training sessions through live sessions, recorded tutorials, or both.

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