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Frequently Asked Questions

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Software development and web design can be daunting topics to the uninitiated. That's why we've compiled a list of common questions we tend to receive.

Who owns the code?

You do! When we begin a new project, both parties sign a development contract that ensures you retain the rights to the final product.

For projects that require discretion we are happy to sign an NDA.

How much do you typically charge to create a custom website or application?

It depends. We know that's never a satisfying answer, but it's true. The cost of a quality product depends on its scope and the client's budget.

To get a definitive answer, please use the button below to get in touch.

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How can I request a project quote?

We offer a free 30-minute consultation before starting any project. Then, once we've established the project scope, we will provide you with a personalized quote.

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Do you offer help with urgent projects?

To ensure the highest level of care, we generally only work with clients that are comfortable with longer timelines.

However, there are exceptions to every rule, so please reach out if you're unsure.

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Can you help with non-popular frameworks?

YES! Our engineers stem from a range of different fields and have seen a lot of different libraries and frameworks.

How does the project handoff work?

Great question! We offer 90 days of complimentary maintenance for all of our projects.

During this period, we ensure the product is functioning as expected and that you have everything you need to support it on your own.

We can draft a long-term service contract if you want us to oversee the product after the initial term is complete.