TCA Developments
December 2023

Achieving 81% less property theft

Through our partnership with the leading Edmonton-based General Contractor TCA Developments, we built a proprietary inventory app that achieved remarkable results.

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Achieving 81% less property theft

Project Overview

TCA Developments is a prominent Canadian General Contractor headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Alchemized Software was hired to design, develop, and maintain a proprietary inventory application. The project's desired outcome was to curb a rash of tool thefts plaguing the company.

Result: To date, the client has reported an 81% reduction in property loss three months after launching the product. If this trend continues, they stand to save thousands of dollars in inventory over the coming year.

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The Alchemized Solution

Our role in this project was to design, develop, and maintain an application that could track the comings and goings of the company's inventory.

Client goals and expectations:

For the application to be considered a success, it needed to:

  • Provide users with a seamless means of viewing and interacting with the company's tools.
  • Be device and platform agnostic. Admins needed to add new tools on a desktop while team members in the field would use their phones or tablets.
  • Be accessible enough to support a range of users with different technical aptitudes.
  • Provide precise metrics used to track each tool.

The scope of work:

  • Design a robust and scaleable system architecture that store's the company's tools and facilitates a seamless means of interacting with them.
  • Catalog the tools and migrate any existing tool data into the application.
  • Develop a protected admin interface that allows certain users to add, update, and remove tools.
  • Create a protected and responsive UI for non-admin users to view, borrow, and return company tools.

Based on the criteria outlined above, we needed to create a fast and flexible application that provided an effective means for monitoring the client's inventory.

Project Results

Alchemized Software completed the development of the inventory application after roughly 12 weeks. We spent the final week drafting an onboarding process with the project's stakeholders to facilitate a successful launch.

During a routine test run, we caught and addressed an edge-case bug in the password reset flow. This event highlights why we invest heavily in our QA process. Fostering a culture of rigorous attention to detail ensures that there are no surprises on launch day!

Now, three months after releasing the product, the client has reported an 81% reduction in property loss. If this trend continues, they stand to save thousands of dollars in inventory over the coming year.


Alchemized Software designed a great application that addressed a pain point at our company. They took ownership of the project's design and were very receptive to any feedback we had. We've been thrilled with the results so far.

Jesse Juell
Project Coordinator
TCA Developments

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